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Robowash Automatic Cleaning System

Robowash offers the most advanced cleaning technology in the industry and has established itself as the market leader in the supply of automatic cleaning equipment.

How it works

The Robowash machine cleans parts using the same method as a household dishwasher. Simply place the dirty parts in the internal basket, close the lid, push the start button and the machine will do the rest. This leaves the operator free for work that is more productive and valuable to your business operations.

A spinning motion combined with hot water jets and specified cleaning agents, sprays from all directions and can penetrate the deepest grime.

Hot water is recycled constantly within the machine and, on removing the cleaned parts, the heat absorbed permits them to ‘flash dry’, eliminating the need to rinse or blow dry.

What does it clean?

Robowash cleans any component, from small parts such as nuts, bolts, plastic or rubber seals, washers and bearings, to alloy components, transmissions, brake and clutch parts, engine blocks or complete engines.

Robowash can also clean electrical components such as armatures, stators and rotors. Even complete electrical wiring harnesses can be cleaned thoroughly and safely in a Robowash machine.

The Robowash maintains a high level, thorough cleaning standard, and can tackle dirty, baked-on grime, grease or road mess. It’s also an excellent pre-cleaner or post-washer for a caustic bath. It has the unique patented feature of a built-in hot water pressure gun, which is used to clean small parts needed for immediate use or items too large to fit inside the machine.

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