R9 Robowash Parts Washer Machine

Basket size: 3250mm
Internal height: 2000 mm
Load capacity: 6 ton
Tank capacity: 4000L
Machine weight : TBA

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Machine Description

The R9 Robowash machine is a capable of cleaning the largest industrial engine and components available, including C175 and 3500 Caterpillar engines internally as well as externally. Capable of using caustic soda for cleaning and paint removal and combined with gas heating which eliminates heat up times between wash cycles and high impact spray nozzles, there is simply no other method of cleaning heavy industrial components with such capacity.

Machine Specifications

Model R9
Load Capacity 6.0 tonne
Basket Dimensions 3250 mm Diameter
Internal Height 2000 mm
Tank Capacity 4000L
Pump Motor 415 v 3 Phase 5.5kW 10.4A
Pump Water pressure 507-650 kPa (73-94 PSI)
Pump Mechanical Seal type Carbon / Ceramic / NBR
Elements – Heat up 42.0A
Elements – Run 50.0A
Gas Heating Option On demand 85 degree celcius heat
Machine Weight TBA
Overall height (lid closed) 3500 mm
Clearance height (lid open) 6500 mm
Depth (inc lid clearance) 3500 mm
Width 5000
Optional Extras Internal Oil Cavity Flush for engine blocks.
Advanced Filtration
Custom internal designs to maximise productivity