Water Treatment Facility

It’s essential that you have a licensed and professional company to handle any and all of your water treatment needs. Our main facility in Henderson, Western Australia is fully licensed and up to all of the latest regulations. This helps to ensure that you’ll get fast and efficient service that leaves you with completely clean wastewater that is ready for you to reuse.  

waste water process

Our main facility is capable of treating 5,000 litres of wastewater per hour, and we have a storage space that can hold close to 100,000 litres of treated wastewater. Our years of experience combined with our state of the art facility ensure that we get clean and filtered wastewater every time.

We’ve streamlined our wastewater treatment process over the years, and all of the wastewater goes through a multi-stage filtration process that removes all of the larger particles and debris. Once these are gone, the water passes through another filtration system that utilises ozone to finish cleaning and polishing the water of any remaining contaminants. When the wastewater makes it to this stage, it’s ready for reuse.

Our staff take wastewater from projects all over Australia, and this helps to reduce the costs of cleanup for civil works and construction companies. They contract with us and we bring the vacuum trucks directly to their site and transport the wastewater back to our treatment facility in our industrial-strength vacuum trucks.

We then process the wastewater and get it ready for reuse. The water is cleaned and safe for use in irrigation setups like agricultural or in your yards or gardens, for dust suppression in roadworks projects or for replenishing surface water and groundwater. In Henderson, we reuse the waste water for pre delivery testing of our machines prior to delivery to our customers.

water treatment facility

If you need us to transport your wastewater
to our facility, contact us.

We'll come to your site, contain your wastewater and haul it away to our water treatment facility. We're a fully-licensed waste facility and can manage several types of liquid waste with our fleet of tankers. Whether you have a small or large-scale project, we're ready to help today!