Robowash is the industry leader in the supply of aqueous automatic parts washer technologies within the automotive industry. Not only do we supply to every major automotive group and vehicle manufacturer in Australia, we have actively been involved in removing hydrocarbons and solvents within many of their cleaning processes.
Robowash have been serving the marine industry for over 20 years. From the removal of liquid waste, bilge pumping and the supply of automatic parts washers to the engine reconditioning workshops throughout Australia, Robowash have the knowledge and experience to provide exactly what this industry requires to get the job done.
The R8 Robowash machine is purpose built for the global rail industry and in particular for cleaning EMD and GE 12, 16- and 20-cylinder engine blocks to manufacturer standards in a horizontal position. The R8 machine has multiple moving and oscillating spray bars with high impact nozzles and is the only machine available globally that cleans the internal cavities of locomotive engines.
The mining industry is at the core of our business and we have been involved in and around the mining industry for over 50 years. As the innovators in automating the cleaning of large, heavy components, Robowash has partnered with the largest mining and maintenance workshops globally, to increase their productivity and adhere to their stringent contamination protocols.
The engineering industry has been a staple market for Robowash for many years. With diverse applications come interesting challenges and collectively we have partnered with some of the largest engineering companies to provide innovative cleaning solutions.
The aviation industry has specific and stringent cleaning requirements due to the sensitive nature of their materials and the highly precise application of their components.
Oil & Gas
The oil and gas industry is a unique and challenging industry for parts cleaning due to their highly safety focused and low hazard requirements. Robowash is one of a few suppliers globally, that can supply parts cleaning machines to this industry.
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Oil and Gas

Industrial Parts Cleaning Machines

Choosing a Parts Washer for your Industry

All Robowash parts washers operate in a similar fashion when removing grease, grime and carbon deposits. The most notable differences include the size of the unit and pressure cleaning power.

When selecting an industrial parts washer for your business, you should consider the size, and weight of the parts you’re cleaning as well as the level of carbon build-up you’ll need to remove. In the descriptions below, you’ll see the type of parts each model is capable of cleaning. If you’re unsure which parts washer is suitable for your industry, contact our team and we’ll help you select the right model.

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Increased Productivity = Lower Costs

Robowash Pty Ltd manufactures industrial aqueous parts cleaning machines for the mining, engineering and automotive industries. You can benefit from lower costs and increased profits by using Robowash machines for all your parts cleaning requirements.

Robowash parts washers use a unique and innovative automatic cleaning system that is designed to increase workshop productivity by eliminating the wasted time and resources associated with skilled tradespeople cleaning parts by hand.

Integrated waste solutions

Robowash is a fully licensed controlled waste operator under the Environmental Protection (Controlled Waste) Regulations 2004 and a fully licensed waste facility under the Environmental Protection Act 1986.
Robowash can manage all aspects of bulk liquid waste including assessment and analysis, waste collection, waste transport, waste treatment and waste reporting.

Robowash is licensed to carry several categories of controlled waste in our fleet of vacuum tankers. Some of the liquid wastes managed by Robowash include:

  • Oily water
  • Low strength waste water
  • Storm water
  • Sludge
  • Alkalis
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Robowash Automatic Cleaning System

Robowash offers the most advanced cleaning technology in the industry and has established itself as the market leader in the supply of automatic cleaning equipment.

Process Specific Chemistrys

Safety Data Sheet

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