Robowash CF50 chemical detergent for aqueous parts cleaning systems has been specifically formulated for use in all types of Robowash industrial parts washers to provide highly efficient and highly effective parts cleaning results. They are specifically blended with defoamers that float on the surface to prevent foaming and are safe for a wide variety of common part materials including both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and plastics.

Robowash CF50 chemicals are 100% active and highly concentrated. There are no fillers resulting in highly active detergents for extended cleaning before re-charge and clean-out is required. Many detergent suppliers “fill” their aqueous chemicals with non-active low cost ingredients that do nothing except add volume to the chemicals. These fillers end up as sludge in the bottom of your industrial part washer. The result is additional waste to haul off resulting in higher disposal costs. With Robowash CF50, you get 100% active aqueous washing detergent. 100% of the chemical goes to work cleaning your parts yielding lower cleaning costs and lower disposal costs.

Robowash CF50 detergents have built-in rust inhibitors that protect your parts washer cabinet from harmful corrosion that may be caused with other chemicals and detergents. There is even a Robowash CF50 rust inhibitor compatible with all Robowash CF50 detergents, soaps and chemicals that is designed for short-term rust prevention. The corrosion inhibitor is metered in to your washing machine’s rinse water to protect your cleaned parts from flash rust.

Let Robowash Analyse
Your Liquid Waste Water for Contaminants

Additionally, we're also able to analyse liquid waste to detect even the smallest levels of contaminants. We use a particle count analysis (PAC) or laser diffraction analysis in this process. It gives us the ability to test any liquid wastewater you may have and give you comprehensive results quickly.

If you want continuous monitoring, we can do this. We're also available to do a one-time test and give you comprehensive results. You'll know whether or not there are contaminants left in your liquid wastewater, and this helps you adjust your processes accordingly to remove any remaining contaminants.

Interested in adding CF50
to your own machines?

We're happy to help you find the correct balances to get a thorough clean, and we're ready to suggest chemicals that you can use with it to enhance the end result.