R4 Robowash Parts Washer Machine

Basket size: 1500mm
Internal height: 945mm
Load capacity: 1500kg
Tank capacity: 325 L
Machine weight : 960 kg

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Machine Description

The R4 Robowash machine delivers superior aqueous parts cleaning performance with advanced safety features and the labour saving convenience of automation.

The R4 Robowash is suited to large cleaning applications with a basket size of 1500mm, an internal height of 945mm and a weight range of 1500kg. The R4 Robowash machine comes standard with full insulation, open lid design for ease of loading and unloading, pneumatically operated water saving lid with safety shut down circuitry, basket loading brake, automatic water top up circuitry, heater element protection circuitry and electronic thermostat water temperature control.

The R4 Robowash machine comes with fully adjustable cleaning settings including wash cycle times, basket speeds and temperature.

Options for the R4 machine include our “Robogun” and integrated waste water purge pump system.

R4 Machines are available in mild steel and 316SS.

Suitable for large cleaning applications with heavy carbon deposits Engine blocks, final drives, spindles and heavy equipment

Machine Specifications

Model R4
Load Capacity 1500kg
Basket Dimensions 1500 mm Diameter
Internal Height 945 mm
Tank Capacity 325 L
Pump Motor 415 v 3 Phase 4kW 9.0A
Pump Water pressure 379-485 kPa (55-70 PSI)
Pump Mechanical Seal type Carbon / Ceramic / NBR
Elements – Heat up 30.0A
Elements – Run 20.0A
Max Electrical Load 30.0A
Machine Weight 960 kg
Overall height (lid closed) 1650 mm
Clearance height (lid open) 2800 mm
Depth (inc lid clearance) 2320 mm
Width – no side tables *
Width – left side table 2600 mm*
Width – right side table 2300 mm
Width – both side tables 2600 mm
Comments * Right side table fixed