Vacuum Truck Services

Vacuum trucks are a fast and efficient way to get rid of liquid waste. Since the liquid waste goes into a containment system and holding tank in the truck, we can safely cart it away once we get it all. We have a fleet of industrial strength vacuum trucks on-hand and ready to deploy straight to your location when you need us.

We offer integrated waste solutions through our industrial waste services, and we can work with a variety of liquid waste products. Our fleet of vacuum trucks can handle Alkalis, low-strength waste water, oily water, sludge, storm water waste and wash down bays.

Vacuum truck services are excellent for industrial and commercial areas that don’t offer a lot of room to manoeuvre because you can park the vacuum truck a distance away and bring the hose to the site. The liquid waste will travel back through the hose to the holding tank. Once it’s full, we’ll haul it away and dispose of it in a safe and efficient manner.

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If you need vacuum truck services, contact us.

We're ready and tailor a plan to suit your needs, and our fleet of industrial-strength vacuum trucks are ready to travel to wherever you need them. You can utilise our vacuum trucks for as long as you need,
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