Liquid Waste Removal Services

Industrial Liquid Waste Disposal, Perth WA

Robowash has the expertise to manage every facet of liquid waste management including waste assessment and analysis, waste collection, controlled waste tracking, waste treatment and waste reporting.

Whether it’s low-strength wastewater, oily water, wash down bays, storm water, sludge or alkalis we can pick up, manage, transport and dispose of your waste safely and sustainably.

All our vacuum-handling trucks are operated by professional service technicians who are trained and fully licensed as Controlled Waste drivers.

Department of Water & Environmental Regulation (DWER) Certification

Collecting and disposing of liquid waste can be a dangerous exercise and should only be handled by a licensed waste removal company. If liquid waste is disposed of incorrectly and enters the general waste stream, it can be extremely hazardous to the general public and the environment. 

Robowash is a fully licensed Controlled Waste carrier under the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER). Our fleet of industrial vacuum trucks provides industrial waste services for an integrated waste solution.

robowash truck

All parts washers should be regularly serviced to ensure they perform at their peak. Part of this service includes a thorough clean of all corners of the washer to avoid any long-term build-up of liquid waste. Our meticulous detailing will reduce wear and tear on the machine’s parts and help extend the life of your washer. Services can be scheduled regularly, or you can book a one-off clean.

Our fleet of vacuum trucks provides a safe and efficient way to remove liquid waste. We can dispose of Alkalis, sludge, oily water, stormwater waste and low-strength wastewater. Our vacuum trucks allow us to access remote areas. For industrial or commercial areas that have limited space, we can park the truck off-site and use hoses to safely remove the liquid waste.

Commercial and industrial vehicle wash bays collect a lot of dirty water that must be disposed of safely. Our team of trained and licensed technicians can pump the wastewater from your holding tanks, pits or drums and clean the area of any excess sludge. Our service is fully compliant with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation and will ensure that any harmful wastewater isn’t damaging the environment.

If your business requires a large amount of wastewater removed, contact Robowash. We have a fleet of trucks that can collect, store and dispose of bulk quantities of wastewater in accordance with the Environmental Protection Regulations 2004 and Environmental Protection Act 1986. If you require regular wastewater removal, we can arrange a scheduled service.

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