How To Reduce Liquid Waste With One Simple Step

Liquid Waste Removal

Any business that cleans industrial or machine parts will end up with some form of liquid waste. The amount of liquid waste you create can depend on several factors: 

  1. The product/s your cleaning
  2. The chemicals you clean with
  3. The parts cleaning machine you use

Depending on your industry, the parts you clean may not change, however, you can certainly change the chemicals you use. Using an environmentally friendly chemical detergent like CF50 will not only remove heavy grease and grime but it’ll dramatically reduce the volume of liquid waste you generate. 

Let’s take a closer look at the steps your business can take to reduce liquid waste.  

Liquid Waste in the Workplace

Liquid Waste Truck

What is liquid waste?

Liquid waste refers to any waste in liquid form, ranging from organic sludges to chemical solvents. This type of waste is common for industrial businesses that use parts washers or are involved in manufacturing.

If you find your parts washer has an excess amount of liquid waste or sludge in the bottom, it’s most likely due to the chemical cleaner you are using. Cheaper cleaning chemicals are often filled with non-active, low-cost ingredients that do little during the cleaning process. The filler turns into sludge which ends up at the bottom of your parts cleaner.

Choosing a 100% active and highly concentrated chemical detergent, like CF50, will result in a better clean and less leftover liquid waste.

How liquid waste impacts employees and the environment

Improper management of liquid waste can lead to serious pollution issues and health hazards for employees. Businesses are required to adhere to strict environmental regulations to mitigate any health or environmental risks or they could be subject to legal repercussions.

If you want to minimise any employee or environmental issues, it’s best to engage a specialist liquid waste removal service. Using a vacuum truck, a specialist team can remove any alkalis, sludge, oily water, storm or low-strength wastewater without any impact on employees or the environment. 

Chemical Detergents Vs Harsh Solvents

Liquid Waste Parts Cleaner

Chemical detergents, as opposed to harsh solvents, offer a more sustainable and efficient solution for cleaning machine parts. Unlike solvents, which can be aggressive and environmentally damaging, chemical detergents are formulated to be gentle yet effective. They play a crucial role in reducing the generation of hazardous liquid waste, aligning with both environmental and safety standards.

Reduce sludge build-up in parts washers

The use of chemical detergents is especially beneficial in preventing sludge build-up in parts washers. Sludge, a common byproduct of industrial processes, can compromise equipment efficiency and contribute to increased liquid waste. Chemical detergents help dissolve and remove potential build-ups, thereby prolonging equipment life and ensuring smoother operations.

Reducing liquid waste 

By adopting chemical detergents, businesses can significantly cut down their liquid waste production. This reduction is not only beneficial for complying with environmental regulations but also aids in minimising operational costs associated with waste management. Moreover, it underscores a commitment to sustainable practices, enhancing the company’s reputation among environmentally conscious consumers.

As you can see, one simple step, like changing the chemical detergent you use can reduce the amount of liquid waste your business creates. Talk to Robowash and find out how you can make your workplace safer for workers and the environment with CF50 chemical detergent.

Robowash is a fully licensed controlled waste carrier and is certified by the Department of Water & Environmental Regulation. We can handle all quantities of liquid waste and can arrange scheduled waste removal as needed. We also offer wash bay servicing and can clean and service your parts washer.

For more information on reducing liquid waste or liquid waste removal contact the team at Robowash today. 


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