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Notable features of the R7 include;

  • 3.25m turn table with 1.7m height clearance. Designed to fit 20 cylinder blocks and parts.
  • 6 tonne weight capacity with 3 x safety factor and built in shock absorption springs.
  • Boom spray arm which can deliver up to 700 Litres per minute to the internal oil gallery or can be used for an endless amount of customisable add on accessories.
  • High impact engineered spray jet nozzles increase water delivery pressure by 3
  • Fully pneumatically driven retractable caustic wash tank for the dirty wash and fresh rinse tank with advanced filtration below 50 microns in the secondary tank.
  • Patented self-folding space saver lid which opens vertically to reduce floor space eliminating confined space restrictions to the internal wash bay while the lid is open.
  • Can be built for standard CF50 cleaning solution or optionally for use with caustic solution.
  • Caustic cooling loop, the first of its kind in the world, reduces the service time to 24 hours. (only available with optional caustic configuration)
  • Filtered in real time down to 50 microns in the fresh rinse tank configuration for final wash.
  • Various optional extras for more demanding work schedules such as dual caustic tank configuration, customised basket configuration including spray arm utilisation, gas heating for on demand heat generation for one or both tanks etc..

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Model R7
Load Capacity 6.0 tonne
Basket Dimensions 3250 mm Diameter
Internal Height 2000 mm
Tank Capacity 4000L
Pump Motor 415 v 3 Phase 5.5kW 10.4A
Pump Water pressure 507-650 kPa (73-94 PSI)
Pump Mechanical Seal type Carbon / Ceramic / NBR
Elements – Heat up 42.0A
Elements – Run 50.0A
Gas Heating Option On demand 85 degree celcius heat
Machine Weight TBA
Overall height (lid closed) 3500 mm
Clearance height (lid open) 6500 mm
Depth (inc lid clearance) 3500 mm
Width 5000
Optional Extras Internal Oil Cavity Flush for engine blocks.
Advanced Filtration
Custom internal designs to maximise productivity