Robowash is the industry leader in the supply of aqueous parts cleaning technologies within the automotive industry. Not only do we supply to every major automotive group and vehicle manufacturer in Australia, we have actively been involved in removing hydrocarbons and solvents within many of their cleaning processes.


The mining industry is at the core of our business and we have been involved in and around the mining industry for over 50 years. As the innovators in automating the cleaning of large, heavy components, Robowash has partnered with the largest mining and maintenance workshops globally, to increase their productivity and adhere to their stringent contamination protocols.


The engineering industry has been a staple market for Robowash for many years. With diverse applications come interesting challenges and collectively we have partnered with some of the largest engineering companies to provide innovative cleaning solutions.


The aviation industry has specific and stringent cleaning requirements due to the sensitive nature of their materials and the highly precise application of their components.

Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is a unique and challenging industry for parts cleaning due to their highly safety focused and low hazard requirements. Robowash is one of a few suppliers globally, that can supply parts cleaning machines to this industry.